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Freezer Packs and More

Please give us 1 business day notice to prepare your Freezer Pack.
Freezer Pack #1 Combo - $59.99
1 whole 6-7 lb chicken (vacuum packed)
5lbs lean ground beef
4 pork loin chops (3/4")
4 top sirloin steaks (8-10oz)
Freezer Pack #2 Beef - $59.99
5lb inside round roast
4 top sirloin steaks
2lbs short ribs
5lbs lean ground beef
Freezer Pack #3 Pork - $59.99
3lb boneless roast
2lbs side ribs (2")
1lb baby back ribs
4 loin chops (3/4")
5lbs lean ground pork
Freezer Pack #4 Chicken - $59.99
1 whole 6-7lb chicken (vacuum packed)
2 boneless, skinless breasts
4 drumsticks
4 thighs
6 drumettes
6 wingettes
1 back
Summer Steak Pack - $199.99
All Steaks Are Frozen & Packaged 2/pkg
No Substitutions

4 Rib-eye Steaks (8-10oz)
4 T-bone Steaks (14-16oz)
4 Top Sirloin Steaks (8-10oz)
4 Rib Steaks (14-16oz)
4 N-y Striploin Steaks (8-10oz)
3 Lbs Maui Style Short Ribs
Allow 1 business day notice to prepare
10LB Bag of dog bones - $19.99
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