Smoked Meat Schedule: July 2022

Smoked Meats: Hot & ready to eat!

We offer Hot Smoked Meat Suppers on Saturdays.
Each week, we will be smoking one of the following five types of meat.

You can pick-up your order anytime between 3:30 and 5 pm. Pre-ordering is required.

How to order: Click the link above to place your order online or call the shop at 780.469.3325 to reserve your Smoked Meat Saturday orders. This product can sell out quickly so get your orders in early!

Please note: We are not able to offer curbside pickup for orders containing hot smoked suppers. If special assistance is required, appointments can be made with Alicia by calling the number above.

July 2: Beef Brisket

July 9: Pulled Pork

July 16: Beef Ribs (short or back ribs)

July 23: Pork Baby Back Ribs

July 30: Whole Smoked Chickens

May 28: Beef Brisket