Price change for wild game processing

2021-01-29T12:31:30-07:00January 28th, 2021|

Due to the rising costs in the industry for processing materials, we have had to add a small increase to most of our wild game processing charges. Effective February 1, 2021 as follows: Shop rates: Jerky $4.00/lb Cooked sausage $3.00/lb Fresh sausage $2.75/lb Pepperoni $3.25/lb Jal/cheddar smokies/pepperoni $3.50/lb Cut/wrap (cryovac included): Beef/Elk/Moose/Bear/Bison/Pork or other animal: $1.00/lb Deer: $100 flat rate Cryovac sealing on smoked/processed product (over and above cut/wrap): $1.00/lb We highly recommend cryovac sealing [...]

Wild Game Processing

2021-01-29T23:37:22-07:00August 28th, 2020|

Hunters! We can cut and package your game into steaks, roasts, etc, and/or process your game into a variety of products, including sausage rings, pepperoni, jerky (sliced or pressed), breakfast sausages and more. Cut and Wrap Services Elk/Moose - $1.00/lb Deer - $100 flat rate Bone Disposal fee - $15/animal Cryovac Fee - included Wild Game Processing – Shop Rates (All prices are wet/lb) Jerky (pressed or sliced) - $4.00 Cooked Sausage - $3.00 [...]

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